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Press Release CBTPC

Press Release

November 26th, 2020

After many years of bilateral meetings and lobbying, Canada-Bangladesh Trade Promotion Centre Inc. is proud to announce that Bangladesh will very soon receive Student Direct Stream status (SDS).

Due to COVID-19 the process was delayed, nevertheless the team at CBTPC alongside education consultants from various post-secondary institutions and government officials of Canada from all levels worked diligently to come to this point.

The SDS program is an expedited study-permit processing program for potential international students applying for post-secondary education in Canada. SDS-status has been given to the following countries: China, India, Morocco, Vietnam, Philippines, Senegal, and recently Pakistan.

CBTPC has worked for the past 22-years on different issues to promote trade relations, education, and research programs between our two countries. CBTPC, first noted the SDS-status which helped many students from SDS-nations reach Canada for higher education, and began lobbying in 2016 for Bangladesh.